What others say about BDG Synthesis

"Thanks very much for your careful management of this contract, it has been a pleasure doing business with you; the openess and honesty for which New Zealanders are renowned in the UK certainly shone through. Please convey my thanks to all those who have been involved in the project; it is a splendid piece of work they have accomplished. If I can be of any assistance by providing a written endorsement, I should be more than glad to do so, and certainly if we have any further requirement for organic synthesis, you can rest assured that you will be the first I will contact."

"With regard to your pricing, the Senior Director of our department wanted for me to express to you that he feels that you are under-charging for your services in comparison to your US competitors. He believes that you could charge 50-100% more that you do and still under-cut your competition. He said that you should take the extra profits and buy a new house or a sailboat or something that you would enjoy. Obviously, he is willing to pay more. He signs the PO's so why not?"

"We have done quite a lot of work on the T that you synthesized for us. We have great admiration for your work as the product is virtually perfect. I cannot recall ever having received such a fine product, perfectly characterized, etc. Thank you."

"We appreciate your assistance with our difficulty...You are a lifesaver!"

"Thanks for all your help with the steroid metabolites synthesis program. Your achievements in synthesising most of the compounds requested by AGAL, particularly those troublesome glucuronides, has been a significant and much valued contribution to the success of drug testing capability for the year 2000 Olympics program. The collaboration has been without adverse complication or incident and I thank you for your courtesy, cooperation, and zeal in the delivery of high quality materials."

"I just wanted to let you know that our group were recently given a Departmental team award for achievement last year...Thanks for your significant input to the project and the excellent quality of materials you...have produced, which have been a major factor in filling what was a very ambitious list of target compounds."

"I really appreciate the efforts that you have put in over the last several years. I look forward to many more years of a successful partnership."

"I would like to point out the extreme measures BDG Synthesis went to in providing the [compound].  I have been trying to get this synthesized since May 1997-almost 5 years!  [Companies A (NASDAQ), B and C] declined the work because the synthesis was too hard with several asymmetric centers and the molecule was unstable... We spent [ ] on a biotransformation feasibility with [company D] that predicted they could produce 20mg for [ ]. The biotransformations are very slow and tend to inhibit their own formation. BDG Synthesis reported similar poor experiences with this compound and biotransformations. In October 2001, Barry proposed urine collection from 4 volunteers and worked with a doctor and the NZ Ethics Committe to approve the clinical trial. Twenty liters of urine were collected by December 2001 and a subcontractor produced a crude extract which BDG Synthesis started purifying in Feb 2002. It has been a long road - I think this one wins the longest duration record for me!  Thanks for a great job, Barry!"

"I really appreciate all the time you have devoted to the numerous requests that I have had...Thanks again."

"Good luck with obtaining the [compound name]- you have been called a "wizard" of late!  Keep up the good work!"

All of these quotes are from correspondence we have on file. We've left out names for obvious reasons! Would you like to contact some of our existing clients for an unbiased assessment?  Just ask - we'll put you in touch with them.



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