FTE Research Service

If you require compounds made more regularly than one-off custom jobs, you need to know that you can have PhD chemists with 2-10 years' postdoctoral experience working for you, at under $US200,000 per FTE all-inclusive. To clarify, our FTE rate includes all chemicals for syntheses at the gram scale, including expensive isotope-labelled materials.  There are no add-ons to the base FTE rate.

We have many years' experience of running contract research projects at the 1-3 FTE level, but let's face it, you are not about to sign up for an FTE project on the strength of this web page. You need to know that we can deliver. To be put in touch directly with one of our current larger customers for an independent appraisal, please contact Barry Dent.

Please let us know if you are interested in this service- we'll put someone on a plane to meet with you if you wish, and we are keen to do business with you.



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