Careers for PhD Synthetic Organic Chemists

"I really like organic chemistry, but sometimes I'm the world's highest-paid dishwasher."

As many of you may agree, we feel that scientists are undervalued relative to some other professions. New Zealand also has an underdeveloped R&D sector, with an unnatural weighting towards universities and government institutions.  In a tiny way, we are trying to lead by example, to show that scientists may have a rewarding career, in private industry, in their home country.

We always want to hear from suitably qualified people.  If you are completing your PhD or postdoc and are contemplating a return to New Zealand, have a look at the skills we need and make yourself known to us.  Most positions are filled without advertising, so let us know you are looking!  Because of the volume of mail we receive, please accept our apologies if we are unable to reply personally, but please be assured that we will read your CV and contact you if there is a timely vacancy.

You will want to be part of a small team doing varied syntheses at the milligram to gram scale. Much of the work is original synthetic chemistry research, but you will be comfortable in a commercially-oriented environment where your work is rewarded not through publications and academic advancement, but through satisfaction from a job well done for important pharma clients. You will also want to earn enough money to take advantage of the lifestyle that this country can offer you.

You will have a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry, and preferably postdoctoral experience. Your studies will have given you wide-ranging experience of the small-scale, multi-step synthesis, purification, and characterisation of organic chemicals. You will be well experienced in the use of paper and online chemical literature.

You will be capable of getting along with your colleagues, and be professional in the way you deal with customers and suppliers. Your written and spoken English will be of a high standard. You will be able to write up a clear, legible lab book, and write clear, concise emails.

Please note that some of our work requires handling of small quantities of controlled substances and an appropriate attitude towards such materials will be expected.  We are vehemently anti-tobacco.

If you would like to tell us about yourself, please contact Barry Dent.