FTE Research Service

Add our scientists to your research team.
  • Buy a guaranteed number of hours (or percentage of the time) of one of our experienced staff, at a reasonable rate which includes the cost of chemicals.
  • Set and change your targets and priorities at will.
  • Receive regular communication on the progress of your projects.
If you require compounds made more regularly than one-off custom jobs, you need to know that you can have PhD chemists with 10 years’ postdoctoral experience working for you, at a very reasonable rate. Our FTE rate includes all chemicals for syntheses at the gram scale, including isotope-labelled materials. There are no add-ons to the base FTE rate.

We have many years’ experience of running contract research projects at the 1-3 FTE level.  To be put in touch directly with one of our current larger customers for an independent appraisal, please contact Neil Beare.

Please let us know if you are interested in this service – we’d love to hear from you.