How to choose a custom synthesis vendor

You are probably in charge of procuring standards for the bioanalytical department of your firm.  You would prefer to buy the compound you need from a catalogue, but you have drawn a blank.; People are relying on you to find the compound and you are prepared to invest $3,000-$20,000 to solve the problem.
You have about 350 custom synthesis vendors to choose from.  Please ask yourself the following:

  • Is this firm recommended by other people like me? (click here to view what others say).
  • Does this firm specialise in the metabolites, reference standards, labelled standards, internal standards, at the milligram to gram level I require? (We do).
  • Can this firm routinely quote on my new and difficult-to-make compounds, because all synthesis staff have PhD's and post-doctoral experience? (We can).
  • Can this firm pass on cost savings to me because of the low value of its local currency? (We can).
  • Will this firm respect my requirement for confidentiality and execute a confidentiality agreement on request? (We will).

Are we the sort of vendor you want to deal with?  Please put us to the test. Request a quote now. You'll be surprised how quickly we can reply with helpful information.



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