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Certificate of Analysis provided

All compounds will ship with a current Certificate of Analysis. You can download recent CoAs for most products and you will see that identity and purity are verified by several methods. Actual Lot NMR spectra and the HPLC chromatogram are included in the CoA. Target HPLC purities for all our compounds are >98%. On the rare occasion where the HPLC purity is less than ideal we will say so. We pride ourselves on the rigour with which we test our compounds, and the descriptive format of our CoAs allows you to see and assess for yourself the validity of our conclusions. All of our work including CoA preparation is performed according to our Laboratory Manual, a document which has passed rigorous, on-site, customer audit with no compliance issues. Please note that we have not sought GLP or ISO registration.

Newly prepared unlabelled compounds receive a 1-year re-test date. This is extendable to 5 years as storage and stability history is acquired. Isotope labelled compounds receive a default 5-year re-test date. All compounds shipped to you will have at least 6 months to re-test date.

Our compounds are sold in quantities appropriate for analytical work that will be completed prior to re-test date. We make very small quantities of our compounds, and we don’t promise to support a particular batch of material by recertifying it for the following 1- or 5-year period. However, if you have a particular recertification requirement, please contact us.

Free shipping, anywhere

Shipment by Fedex International Priority is included in the price.
When you click “add to cart”, there will be no shipping or handling charges added to inflate the advertised price. Please note that we have no control over any Customs charges that might be levied at your border. Orders ship under the Incoterm CPT.

How to Order

You can order by any method which is convenient to you- direct from our site or by sending us your Purchase Order (by email or by fax to +64 4 569 0521).

First-time customers, we prefer payment in advance by bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard.
Regular customers, our terms are Net 30 Days and you can pay by bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard or by cheque.

Pricing Promise

You will have noticed that not everyone publishes their prices. We do, and the price you see is the price that everyone pays. Of course, quantity discounts are available and we encourage you to ask us if you require multiple units of a particular compound.

Real-time Stock Availability

Stock levels are updated daily from our database, and you can have confidence that, if you can add it to the shopping cart, we have it in stock. We also think it will be useful to you if we have some compounds on our site that are currently out of stock but in the pipeline. Please contact us if you are interested in these materials; once we know you are interested we can bring forward production schedules.


For most compounds import/export permits are not required. If a permit is required this will be noted on the web page for the compound.


If you are not happy in any way with the compound, please let us know. We will fix the problem promptly, or give you your money back. Please note that our liability will be strictly limited to the cost of the material.

Intellectual Property

We respect intellectual property conventions. Please ensure that any materials subject to patent are used consistent with the R&D provisions of CFR 35 Section 271(e)(1).



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